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About Us

Who we are

Beacon Investment Advisors LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor* located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Our principal member is Cornell P. Abod, a licensed CPA in private practice.

*Registration of an investment advisor does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

What we do

We are an independent, fee-only, portfolio management and financial planning firm. We manage portfolios on a discretionary basis primarily for individuals, families, and retirement/pension plans. To address specific investment and financial planning issues for our clients, we draw from the experience of our principal - a Certified Public Accountant and Financial Advisor. 

How we are paid

Beacon's compensation consists solely of the asset-based fee we receive for asset management. We do not act as brokers, investment bankers, underwriters or insurance agents. This means that we are not "product" driven. Eliminating traditional commissions from such sources aligns our interests squarely with those of our clients.

Why we are different

Fiduciary Responsibility: We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients to construct and manage a prudent investment process. Brokers, bankers, and insurance agents are not held to the same standard.

Independent: We work for only our clients. Our loyalties are with those who hire our firm.

Fee-Only: We do not "push" products. Our firm's compensation consists solely of the fee we receive for asset management.

Financial planning: Our client's planning is developed by our CPA principal in conjunction with estate planning, and insurance specialists to meet your specific needs.

Fundamental research: We perform our research "in-house" to free us from conflicts of interest.

Tax efficient portfolio management: Using the depth of our professional tax compliance and planning experience, we are able to advise on and implement strategies that have the potential to generate income and estate tax savings for our clients. 

One team: A complete strategy to manage all your investment, tax, and financial planning needs.


We welcome the opportunity to speak with future clients who may have questions or need additional information. We can be reached at (301) 670-1700 or click the button below for some frequently asked questions.

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